Episode 33: Bring the Balance Back

This week Angelo Coppola covers: American Meat, grilling, soda and aging, low-fat yogurt, carcinogens, cardio, testosterone, more crazy food news, and a new Moment of Paleo and After the Bell segment.


Harvard Healthy Eating Plate – ABC News (Thanks, Trevor)
How Soda Make You Age Faster – FastCompany (Thanks, Garth)
Low-fat Yogurt & Pregnancy – BBC (Thanks, Glenn)
Men Wired to be Nurturing Parents – Newsy.com http://www.newsy.com/videos/study-men-wired-to-be-nurturing-parents/
Hold the Carcinogens – The Economist
Fresh Ingredients Can Get You Shut Down – Chicago Tribune (Thanks, Emily)
Friends Don’t Let Friends do Cardio – Everyday Paleo & Jason Seib
Is the Paleo Diet Healthy? – CNN Blog
Primal Living St. Louis – River Front Times (Thanks, Laura)

Moment of Paleo

After the Bell
Can We Starve Cancer? – Dr. William Li – TED Talk

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Is There A Thing As ‘Too Much Sodium’?

If you’ve been following me lately, you’ll know that I’m PREACHING the power of sodium supplementation for a low-carb way of eating…That means keto or even paleo—especially if you’re a hard-charging athlete.

But all these years, we’ve been told the salt is bad for you. Raises blood pressure, causes bloat, increases burden on your heart, etc…

So what’s with the real story? Is excess sodium still bad for some populations? How much is ‘excess’?

Listen to the video below to get the salty details.

Think you’re under-salting your body? If you’re suffering from any Keto Flu symptoms, chances are you are. LMNT Recharge is the electrolyte supplement you’re looking for. It’s got all the vital minerals your body needs and none of the crap it doesn’t.

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Episode 34: Steaks on Forks Over Knives

On this week’s show, host Angelo Coppola covers: the Alzheimer’s – Diabetes link, a man survives on breast milk alone, omega 3s and suicide, family dinners, Forks Over Knives Critique, preventing Alzheimer’s, humans on a cafeteria diet, and new Moment of Paleo and After the Bell segments, too.

Alzheimer’s – Diabetes Link – ABC News (Thanks, Cayla)
Merk Ad – (no link)
Man Survives on Breast Milk – Huffington Post (Thanks, Glenn) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/katherine-bindley/curtis-blogger-living-off_b_976209.html
Omega 3 May Prevent Suicide – CNN
Family Dinners Best for Kids – ABC News

Paleo Land
Forks over Knives Review – Denise Minger – Raw Food SOS
Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7ijukNzlUg
1/2 of Alzheimer’s Cases Preventable – Dr. Andrew Weil (Hat tip Jimmy Moore)
Humans on a Cafeteria Diet – Stephan Guyanet – Whole Health Source

Moment of Paleo

After the Bell
Weston A. Price Foundation Response to 2010 USDA Guidelines – Sally Fallon Morell

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PMR #253: Optimize your Life — with Onnit’s Kyle Kingsbury

This week’s guest is Kyle Kingsbury, Director of Human Optimization at Onnit. Kyle is a former competitive UFC fighter and now spends his time learning and teaching others about better ways to live their lives! In our conversation, we cover a lot of ground, including Kyle’s role at Onnit and his relationship with CEO Aubrey Marcus, his daily workouts and morning routine, mindfulness, being human and vulnerable, and much, much…

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10 & 2 Qs: Does Dairy Affect My Hormones?

Dairy is quite the contentious topic. Prohibited in paleo but lauded in keto… what do you do?

Well, like most things, it’s highly nuanced and depends on YOU.

Check out this short video to hear my thoughts on dairy:

Some think grass-fed butter is the drink of gods. Even more keto people are loading up on buttered coffee, cheese-laden meals, and heavy whipping cream… but does that help you reach your goals? What does all this dairy do to your hormones and IGF? Listen to learn!

Want to go keto even though dairy is problematic for you? Check out my post on How to Keto If you don’t do dairy.

Full Transcript: 

Nicki: Okay, Robb. We have a question about dairy, in particular, cream. Beyond the full fat, grass-fed, organic, non-GMO, non-homogenized beautifulness, but more specifically about the hormonal properties and health implications.

Robb: Oh, man. Cream is awesome, tastes great. It’s very calorically dense. We’ve seen a lot of people get themselves in the deep end of the pool by just overconsuming cream.

The goal is a low carb or ketogenic diet for fat loss and body composition. The person is struggling, we get in, poke around, look at their meal plan, and they’re doing a quarter cup of cream four or five times throughout the day, putting some coffee in it.

There are some cool elements to grass-fed butter and cream. There is some Vitamin K in it, a little bit of carotenoids. But at the end of the day, it’s just a really dense calorie source, and you don’t really get anything else. There’s not many vitamins, not much in the way of minerals.

Nicki: Are there any problems, hormonally with IGF and stuff like that?

Robb: Not really because the bulk of the driver from IGF response around dairy, is from the protein. That’s a whole interesting story.

Pedro Bastos is an absolute expert in that scene. If folks don’t follow him, they should definitely check him out.

But traditional cultures typically cultured their dairy. By doing that, it modifies the proteins in such a way that you don’t get as potent of an IGF response. Even then, it’s all kind of context driven. People freak out about that and they freak out about mTOR.

If you are overlaying elevated IGF levels, plus an overfed environment, plus poor sleep, plus a hyperinflammatory response, then you’ve got problems.

I guess one of the common bugaboos around whole cream and butter in particular with regard to dairy is, that there are people who happen to be … One of these people …

I have a FOXO mutation that the saturated fat, in general, will drive up my lipoproteins. There is all kinds of pissing matches and contention around whether or not the elevated lipoproteins in cholesterol matters in the context of a low carb diet. It’s not entirely clear what the story is with that.

There’s a reality that if I shift out butter and cream, and I do more nuts and mono and saturated fats from an olive oil, my lipoproteins and cholesterol just plummet. It could be the difference between 1,100 on the mono base deal or 2,800 with regard to LDL-P count on the higher saturated fat levels.

The hormonal responses, I’m not really concerned about that on any level. Good pick up on the IGF. But I am concerned about butter and cream from the caloric load, from the lack of nutrient density, and then also there are some people that definitely get an elevation in lipoproteins.

I suspect again that cholesterol lipoprotein story is going to be somewhat individual, as to whether or not it increases cardiovascular disease risk. But it’s one of those things to at least be aware of, and you can make an informed decision then about what you’re doing.

Nicki: And so, if you’re not one of these people that responds like you to saturated fat, and if you’re not doing a quarter cup three times a day, having a little splash in your coffee in the morning is not the end of the world.

Robb: Yeah, yeah. I mean, again a little bit of portion control, no big deal. Yeah.

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Episode 35: Efficient Exercise with Keith Norris

This week, host Angelo Coppola interviews premiere physical fitness trainer Keith Norris, and they discuss: Diet & fitness, getting started with a fitness routine, chronic cardio, CrossFit, ARX equipment, recoverability rates, bodyweight exercise, athletic supplementation, MovNat, and more…

Interview with Keith Norris, Links & Topics:
Keith Norris’ Blog – Theory to Practice
Austin Top 10 Fit Cities – Forbes Magazine
Physical Culture Lecture – Ancestral Health Symposium
Skyler Tanner’s Blog – The Blog of Skyler Tanner • Fitness. Fallacy. Folly.
The 21 Convention

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10 & 2 Q: Does Dietary Cholesterol Affect Blood Cholesterol?

Whole textbooks have been written on the topic of cholesterol and lipoproteins, yet it’s not uncommon to see folks on the interwebz reduce this complex subject to something that appears simpler than a recipe for boiling water.

Few appreciate that there is a massive amount of information related to the biochemistry, metabolism, and immunology of these critical molecules. Should one desire to be just a bit conversant on the topic there is a lot of material to cover.

That said, there are still so many unanswered questions…this video is a very brief attempt to provide a bit of context and hopefully a sense that if folks are providing a sound bite and calling it a day, they have perhaps not put in much time understanding this topic.

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10 & 2 Qs: Why is sodium so important for a low carb/keto diet?

If you’re on or have dabbled with a low-carb diet—paleo or ketogenic for example—you may have noticed some symptoms of what’s commonly called the ‘keto flu.’

What’s happening in your body to cause these effects when going low carb? How can you fix it? Is sodium the knight in shining armor? Is adding extra salt to your meals enough or do you need to supplement?

In that quick 10 and 2 video I’ll go over electrolytes and why sodium is SO important.

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Episode 36: Insanely Great

This week host Angelo Coppola covers: Denmark’s fat tax, sugar, fructose, junk food cheaper than real food, Sugar Addiction Awareness Day, GMO Awareness Week, safe starches with Jimmy Moore and Paul Jaminet, and Steve Jobs After the Bell.

Steve Jobs Got Disney Out of Happy Meals – ZDNet

Denmark Imposes Fat Tax –
KIRO-TV (Thanks, Lou)
Tax Sugar! – New Scientist Magazine (Thanks, Chuck)
Fruit Juice > Weight Gain > Diabetes > Rectal Cancer – Daily Mail
Is Junk Food Cheaper than Real Food? – NY Times (Thanks, Laura) http://www.nytimes.com/2011/09/25/opinion/sunday/is-junk-food-really-cheaper.html?_r=4&ref=opinion
Sugar Addiction Awareness Day (Thanks, Jill)
GMO Awareness Week
Facebook Page:
Rigged Research:

Any Such Thing as Safe Starches? – Jimmy Moore
Perspectives on Low-carb, Part 1 – Paul Jaminet – Perfect Health Diet

Angelo’s Fitness Routine

Steve Jobs – Stanford Commencement Speech

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Episode 37: Real Food

This week, host Angelo Coppola covers: Mainstream warming up a bit to ‘Caveman Diet,’ studies show Vitamins can lead to early death, food industry monopolies, diabetics and halloween, Paul Jaminet’s response to Jimmy Moore’s starch question, Big Ag via Food Renegade, and new Moment of Paleo and After the Bell segments.

Doctors Warming Up to Caveman Diet – CBS
Vitamins Dangers
Vitamin Safety Concerns – Associated Press
Taking Too Many Vitamins Could be Deadly – Newsy
More Evidence Against Vitamin Use – New York Times (Thanks, Alissa)
Taking Vitamins May Lead to Earlier Death – Fanatic Cook Blog
Paul Jaminet’s Evaluation – Perfect Health Diet Blog
Food Industry Monopoly – Mother Jones Magazine (Thanks, Adam)
Dial in Extra Insulin for Diabetic Kids So They Can Enjoy Halloween – Health Canal

Paul Jaminet’s Response on Potatoes and Rice – Perfect Health Diet
Big Ag Deceives Us – Food Renegade

Outsourcing Your Health

Ben Goldacre – TED

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