Chicken and Broccoli Casserole with Sweet Potato Noodles

Serves: 4 | Prep time: 30 minutes | Cook time: 30 minutes This Paleo take on a traditional chicken noodle casserole is full of nutritious broccoli and sweet potato. It’s creamy and delicious—pure comfort food! Ingredients 3 cups broccoli florets 1 medium sweet potato, cut with a spiral cutter into “noodles” 2 cups chopped cooked chicken 2 TBSP coconut oil or ghee 12 oz white button mushrooms, sliced 3 cloves…

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Is There Room in Our Cupboards for Old Bay and New Bae?

McCormick & Company, creator of Old Bay® seasoning, files a trademark infringement lawsuit against Primal Palate for their “New Bae” blend

From protein bars to salad dressings and everything edible in between, companies are seeking to provide healthier, Paleo-friendly options for consumers. One such company is Pittsburgh-based Primal Palate, which offers organic spice blends with a focus on ingredient quality and transparency. Primal Palate’s latest, Instagram-friendly blend, New Bae, has earned them plenty of new fans—as well as a lawsuit for trademark infringement from McCormick & Company, the brand behind the beloved, 18-herb-and-spice blend Old Bay®.

In November 2017, as Primal Palate was attempting to register New Bae as a “trademarked organic spice,” McCormick filed its opposition to the younger company’s patent application. It then sent Primal Palate a cease-and-desist letter when, in April 2018, New Bae rolled out onto store shelves.

“Bae” in this case refers to a millennial term of endearment meaning “before anyone else.” The husband-and-wife founders of Primal Palate were quick to assert that the name and new blend were also loving nods to Old Bay®, but McCormick is demanding that Primal Palate pull it from the market as well as forward all profits to McCormick, asserting that New Bae is too similar to their own seasoning.

Initially, Primal Palate requested a conversation with McCormick without attorneys present, in hopes of settling the issue out of court, but their request was denied. They later requested specific information from McCormick showing evidence of consumers’ confusion over the differences between the two seasoning blends, a request which was also declined. Primal Palate has subsequently decided to fight the lawsuit.

Primal Palate cofounders Bill and Hayley Staley

New Bae, a Paleo-friendly and versatile spice blend that also happens to be low-FODMAP, contains Himalayan pink salt, paprika, celery seed, black pepper, ancho chili powder, cayenne, cardamom, allspice, mace, and bay leaves.

“We don’t see any merit to the claims,” asserts Primal Palate co-founder Hayley Staley. “[Our] blend is different, because we created the blend ourselves and we don’t even know what the ingredients are in Old Bay. The flavor profile is different. The ingredients and name are different. Old Bay is such a loved product, but there are a ton of spice companies out there that use Chesapeake Bay seasoning.”

While there’s a concern about taking the issue to court against a massive company “that could bury us in legal fees,” co-founder Bill Staley says their counsel feels that a resolution points in their favor. “We don’t think McCormick should be able to tell us what to name our blends. We’re about effecting positive change and making products that are healthier for people.”

“We could walk away from the name and not deal with the legal fees or the stress or the distraction from work, but we want to stand up for the little guys who are trying to do the right thing and make change in the food industry,” adds Hayley. “The majority of our audience has significant food sensitivities and health issues, and we want to offer something with full transparency for our audience. We won’t eat a spice blend that doesn’t disclose its ingredients, because we need to know what’s in it. We just want to make healthy cooking easier for people.”

Stressful lawsuit aside, the team at Primal Palate says that social-media attention over the feud has only boosted sales. “We had a fantastic pre-Christmas season after the news broke,” Bill says.

McCormick & Company has not responded to Paleo Magazine’s request for comment.

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Kalamata Olive Chicken Meatza

The secret to perfect meatza is grinding your own skinless chicken breasts with just a little coconut flour; the meatza “crust” will not shrink when baking, and will be quite sturdy to hold whatever toppings you desire. This olive and mushroom combo is delicious! Prep time: 20 minutes Cook time: 25 minutes Yield: 3-4 servings Ingredients 1 lb boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into large cubes 1/2 tsp dried basil,…

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Chaga, Reishi, Lion’s Mane, Oh My: Which Medicinal Mushroom Is Right For You?

They’re scattered across forest floors, peeking out from under fresh-cut lawns, and perched on tree-trunks like organic shelves. You might give them a lingering glance because of their beauty or oddness. But if you knew about the powerful healing properties hidden in some of these mushroom varieties, you might also stop to pick one (or three). Not that we’re advocating that you just pick random mushrooms; many are poisonous, and…

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Episode 46: Real Life

This week, host Angelo Coppola talks about – soda, yoga injuries, in-vitro meat (lab meat), The Fat Trap (NY Times Magazine), high fat foods causing brain scarring, a Paleo Land segment featuring Mark Sisson, Paul Jaminet, Dr. Emily Deans and Chris Kresser, and After the Bell, it’s The Future of Food.

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4 Ways Refined Sugar Is Hindering Your Healing

It’s the villain of the health and wellness world. It’s sneaky, and hides in all sorts of non-Paleo foods. It’s cheap, addictive and blended into just about everything on supermarket shelves today. That’s right—it’s sugar. And it’s seriously bad news for anyone who’s trying to feel better, sleep better, or heal from any type of illness. Sugar and other added sweeteners are hard to get away from, especially since they…

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Warm Kale Winter Salad

This warm kale salad makes for a perfect lunch on a chilly winter day. WServes: 2-3 | Prep Time: 10 minutes | Cook Time: 30 minutes Ingredients 1 small butternut squash, peeled, seeded and cubed2 TBSP avocado oil, divided use3/4 tsp sea salt, divided use1/4 tsp ground cinnamon1/2 bunch of kale, large stems removed, choppedSqueeze of fresh lemon juice1/4 cup roasted sunflower seeds4 slices bacon, cooked and crumbled Directions Preheat…

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Episode 47: Your Brain on Porn

This week, host Angelo Coppola covers the following topics:

  • Junk food company files for bankruptcy
  • Controversial ads to fight childhood obesity
  • Paula Deen has diabetes
  • New Hormone treatment mimics effects of exercise
  • Red wine researcher lied
  • Training like a cavemen
  • Tide is turning on Cholesterol…or is it?
  • Moment of Paleo: The Hijacking of Language
  • After the Bell: Your Brain on Porn

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PMR #246: Studying Physical and Mental Resilience in Astronauts, Navy SEAL Divers, and Everyone in Between, with Dr. Dom D’Agostino

We wanted to start this new year off with a bang, so today we are joined by an awesome guest. Dr. Dom D’Agostino is an associate professor with tenure at the University of South Florida. He also teaches at the Morsani College of Medicine and the Department of Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology with a focus on topics like neuropharmacology, medical biochemistry, physiology, and neuroscience. Dr. D’Agostino is an early pioneer…

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