Will a low carb diet shorten your life?

Hey folks!

You have likely seen a news piece to the effect a low carb diet will shorten your life. This is video looks at that topic…I apologize for the length, but this is kind of an asymmetric warfare story. The media says something like this, it’s quick and easy. Doing a decent job of unpacking the claim is half of a graduate thesis.

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ALSO: Yes, I have my biases in all this. I talk about this time and again in the video. I encourage you to put some skull-sweat into reading the links I provide below so you can:

1- Draw your own conclusions.

2- Judge me by how well I represented the source material.

It’s easy to slice and dice things in a format like this video to fit a particular narrative…a narrative that is not actually supported by the source material. Did I do that here? Or was my analysis on-point?

Here are the links for most of the material I used in the video: