Keto and protein: Is it REALLY chocolate cake?

Hey Folks!

Below you will find a video where I look at the topic of how protein affects the state of ketosis. I lean heavily on this paper:


1-If you are eating a low protein ketogenic diet and getting the results you WANT (cognitive enhancement, improved neurological symptoms, fat loss, performance) good for you, keep doing what you are doing.

2-If you are one of the many people following a low protein keto approach and are gaining weight, losing muscle mass and not feeling great, please check out this video and do something crazy: follow the recommendations for 30 days.

3-As effective and awesome as a ketogenic diet can be some folks are so bastardizing the science that the protein levels of many recommendations are on par with the 30 Bananas A Day approach recommended by the lunatic fringe of Raw Vegans. Really.

I do the best I can to stay professional in this video but kinda lose it a few times. Sorry!

ALSO! If you want a cliff-notes style take-away from the video, here you go.

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