Keto and Pregnancy: Is it ok to lose weight?

Hey folks! One of our Keto Masterclass students had a great question related to keto and pregnancy, specifically, is it ok or advisable to lose weight or set cals at a maintenance level. Here is that original question:

Hey Robb, So my husband and I just started the program and then today I found out I am pregnant. I’m going to follow your advice and make sure to track all food to make sure I’m eating enough, but I’m also wondering if it is okay to be in a deficit as I am still 30% body fat. I am hoping to lose a little body fat but maintain a healthy pregnancy weight. Just wondering what you think (or what your wife thinks). I refuse to get fat while pregnant! But I want to use my head and stay healthy.

This is a great question and I did a short video to tackle this:

I reached out to my good friend Lily Nichols RD who has been on the podcast and is a genius with all things pregnancy and gestational diabetes. Here are the links we mentioned in the video:

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Episode 269: Lily Nichols—Gestational Diabetes 

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