Episode 133: Normal…and Blue Zones

On this episode: a book & documentary recommendation; promoting brain health; illegally thin runway models; Blue Zones; and a new look at chronic cardio. Plus, a Listener Letter about “the dieting mind;” and an After the Bell segment featuring David Epstein.

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Episode 134: Hunger and Obesity with Stephan Guyenet

On this episode, we are joined by Stephan Guyenet. He is a former obesity researcher who holds a Ph.D. in neurobiology as well as a degree in biochemistry. He is the host of the popular blog, Whole Health Source. We talk about hunter-gatherer populations, the history of food and disease in America, whether legumes are Paleo, how much meat should be in our diets, and also the Ideal Weight Program that he helped to create. After the Bell it’s Dan Buettner on Living to 100.

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Is the Autoimmune Paleo diet bogus? A V-blog analysis

Our modern information age is at once awesome and terrible:

Awesome: Science and academia are no longer just for Ivory Tower elites. Anyone, just about anywhere, can read, interpret, and provide constructive criticism of research, nearly as it is being published.

Terrible: The human tendency to form tribes and to attack anything that is not part of their tribes’ doctrine is put on steroids in the largely anonymous online world. New ideas are seldom analyzed for mechanistic merit. They are looked at through the lens of “consensus” which often seems to be a kind of Orwellian NewSpeak amounting to: Industry influence and Academic Inertia that cock-blocks curiosity and common sense.

The online world is an interesting balancing act of Citizen Scientists doing N=1 self experimentation (which ideally then drives review paper, pilot studies and Randomized Controlled Trials, RCT’s) juxtaposed with folks who make absolutely outrageous claims that defy the Laws of Nature.  

There is absolutely a need for vetting, but curiosity has been replaced by a smug attitude generally wrapped in august trappings called “skepticism.”

In the past 20 years of suggesting that the Ancestral Health model might have much to offer, it’s been interesting to observe the nearly religious fervor on the parts of both supporters and detractors of various ideas.

Science does inch along and in the video below I look at a paper recently published on the Autoimmune Paleo protocol.


It is NOT the end, it’s the barest of beginnings, but it is quite promising.

In addition to unpacking that research I do my best to place it in the proper context of where the AIP approach is with regards to scientific investigation. I use the Mediterranean Diet as an example of how this process occurs and make a bit of an interesting discovery along the way. I also recently interviewed the study authors and you can check out that podcast here

tl;dr? (or in this case didn’t watch? Here are some juicy take-aways:

1-This pilot study looked at people with active (medically documented) gastrointestinal disease with and AVERAGE of 20 years.

2-The 6 week pilot study saw all participants not only finish the trial, but they also experienced complete remission in disease symptoms.

3-The misapplication of the Mediterranean Diet concept may be at least partially implicated in the increase in non-celiac gluten sensitivity.

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Are fat bombs the Holy Grail (or Holy Cow!) of Keto?

There’s an old saying (something to the effect) that if you want to ruin a social gathering, just bring up politics or religion.

Truer words have likely never been spoken.

But I’d add one more controversial topic that can quickly turn an amicable feast into a SWAT call-out, and that’s food. Some people don’t really care WHAT they eat while others can be motivated to stab a family member with a fork if the wrong dietary approach is broached.

All this considered, the ketogenic diet is a controversial topic at best…

Some folks think it’s certain death to shift towards a whole foods, low glycemic load, appropriate protein and calorie plan.

And in the other keto corner we have folks who have built a whole religion around avoiding protein, carbs and insulin, all the while recommending consuming enough butter and coconut oil to supply 100 AVN conferences with lubricant.

As is often the case, there’s a lot of nuance between these two extremes.

I do my best to unpack this greasy topic in the video below. (As in: Hey, check out the video below!)

Which camp are you in?

Keto is certain death?

The One True Path to keto enlightenment is a vat of butter and coconut oil?

Or perhaps you recognize that as much as one might wish, there’s not a singular route to any way of eating…

If you’re in the latter camp—you’re interested in keto and prefer to tackle your dietary approaches with a bit of sanity and nuance—check out Keto Masterclass.

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Episode 380 – Diana Rodgers – Eating Meat and Sustainability

The Good Kitchen banner


On this episode of the podcast we have our good friend Diana Rodgers, RD, NTP. Diana is a Registered Dietitian, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and lives on a sustainable, working organic farm.

Listen in to this important episode as we talk about the sustainability of eating meat, grazing animals, why sustainability > abs, What The Health, and Diana’s documentary that’s in the works.

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Instagram: @sustainabledish




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Episode 135: Ancestral Health with Jamie Scott & Anastasia Boulais

On this episode, we are joined by Dr. Anastasia Boulais and Jamie Scott all the way from Christchurch, New Zealand. She’s a medical doctor and he is a workplace wellness consultant—both are founding members of the Ancestral Health Society of New Zealand. We discuss: active transportation, workplace wellness, the Maori, obesity in the West, the present “state of Paleo,” sustainability, epigenetics, the upcoming Ancestral Health Symposium in NZ, and much more. After the Bell, it’s Kiwi Ellis Emmet talking about adventure.

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PMR #189: Chris Kresser Discusses His New Book, Unconventional Medicine.


Today on the show, we welcome Chris Kresser. Chris is a globally recognized leader in the fields of ancestral health, Paleo nutrition, and functional and integrative medicine. He is the author of the New York Times best seller, The Paleo Cure and has just released his brand-new book titled, Unconventional Medicine.

More and more people around the world are starting to recognize that the problems we are facing in the current healthcare system are not ones that someone else can fix. Recent statistics suggests that we are going to have a shortage of over 50,000 primary care providers by the year 2025. One in two American’s now have chronic disease, 30% of kids now have a chronic disease, and the average amount of time that a patient gets to speak before they’re interrupted by the doctor is just twelve seconds! These are just some of the alarming statistics released in Chris’s book, which address the current state of conventional medicine in America today. So what can we do about it?

In this episode, we discuss the role of functional medicine and how the move toward this approach is almost inevitable. Chris explains how we can start to implement functional medicine into our lives today and start addressing the root causes of our problems, rather than masking the symptoms. This is an insightful episode for those in a medical field, health activists, and anybody looking for a solution to their personal, long-term health.

CLICK HERE for the full transcript.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • What inspired Chris to write Unconventional Medicine.
  • Functional medicine versus conventional medicine.
  • Addressing the symptom rather than the root cause.
  • The three-part framework for addressing chronic disease.
  • Why the medical world needs to address behavior change.
  • Learn more about the tribe in Bolivia living a Paleo lifestyle.
  • Evolutionary biology and its contribution to medicine today.
  • The prevalence of chronic disease in children today.
  • The role of big pharma and insurance in medicine today.
  • Why health insurance does not mean health care.
  • Why functional medicine is the inevitable route for the future.
  • Is functional medicine more cost effective than conventional?
  • Chris explains The Health Care Population Pyramid Medicine.
  • How to implement functional medicine into our lives.
  • And much more!


“If healthcare expenditures continue at their current pace, the U.S. is expected to be bankrupted by the year 2025.” — @chriskresser [0:06:25.1]

“The average amount of time that the patient gets to speak before they’re interrupted by the doctor is just twelve seconds.” — @chriskresser [0:15:30.1]

It’s not an information problem, it’s a behavior change problem.” — @chriskresser [0:19:26.1]

Links Mentioned in This Episode: 

Chris Kresser Website – https://chriskresser.com/

Chris Kresser on Twitter – https://twitter.com/chriskresser

Cleveland Clinic – https://my.clevelandclinic.org/

IORA Health – http://www.iorahealth.com/

Kresser Institute – https://kresserinstitute.com/

Unconventional Medicine Book – https://unconventionalmedicinebook.com/

The Paleo Cure Book – https://www.amazon.com/Your-Personal-Paleo-Code-Reverse/dp/031632289X

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