Are fat bombs the Holy Grail (or Holy Cow!) of Keto?

There’s an old saying (something to the effect) that if you want to ruin a social gathering, just bring up politics or religion.

Truer words have likely never been spoken.

But I’d add one more controversial topic that can quickly turn an amicable feast into a SWAT call-out, and that’s food. Some people don’t really care WHAT they eat while others can be motivated to stab a family member with a fork if the wrong dietary approach is broached.

All this considered, the ketogenic diet is a controversial topic at best…

Some folks think it’s certain death to shift towards a whole foods, low glycemic load, appropriate protein and calorie plan.

And in the other keto corner we have folks who have built a whole religion around avoiding protein, carbs and insulin, all the while recommending consuming enough butter and coconut oil to supply 100 AVN conferences with lubricant.

As is often the case, there’s a lot of nuance between these two extremes.

I do my best to unpack this greasy topic in the video below. (As in: Hey, check out the video below!)

Which camp are you in?

Keto is certain death?

The One True Path to keto enlightenment is a vat of butter and coconut oil?

Or perhaps you recognize that as much as one might wish, there’s not a singular route to any way of eating…

If you’re in the latter camp—you’re interested in keto and prefer to tackle your dietary approaches with a bit of sanity and nuance—check out Keto Masterclass.

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