PMR #170: Hacking Your Fitness With DNAFit

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Just like knowing someone’s history can help you understand them better, understanding your DNA can help you better understand your own body’s needs. On today’s show we talk with former Olympic athlete, Craig Pickering. Craig is a former Olympic sprinter and competed in four world championships and the 2008 Olympic Games before switching to bobsleigh and qualifying for the 2014 winter Olympics, making Craig only the eighth British person to be selected for both a summer and winter Olympic Games. There’s no doubt he’s got one heck of a good story and a ton of great insights on human performance to share.

Today Craig heads up another one of his passions called DNAFit. DNAFit uses genetic information to let us know what types of training, food and supplementation will help us maximize our health and athletic performance. We had a chance to take this test and learn all kinds of interesting things and in today’s interview, we get to use our results as an example for how to use this service.

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On today’s show we discuss:

  • How Craig became a professional athlete.
  • Why Craig moved from the 100m Olympic sprint to British Bobsleigh.
  • What a bobsleigh is really like, and Craig’s experience.
  • Craig’s injury setback and how he got involved in DNAFit.
  • What DNAFit is and how DNAFit testing works?
  • How DNAFit helped Craig himself.
  • What we discovered using the DNAFit test.
  • Endurance versus power training. Which is best for me?
  • How to navigate your individual injury-risk level.
  • The most common diet recommendations that are given out through DNAFit.
  • What the caffeine gene is.
  • How to reduce trial and error by understanding your DNA.
  • How to quit fickle dieting plans for good!
  • Any much more!

“I had kind of a choice; either get a real job or find somebody else to pay me to do sports.” — @craig100m [0:05:04.1]

“Being in an actual bobsleigh was horrific.” — @craig100m [0:07:15.1]

“If we know what DNA we’ve got, we can change the training and diet we do to best suit our genetic makeup.” — @craig100m [0:10:53.1]

“The biggest issues around DNA testing is that people aren’t aware that you can do it and how valid it is.” — @craig100m [0:15:11.3]

“There is no good news or bad news, just actionable news.” — @craig100m [0:27:02.3]

“Having a better idea, at the start, of what works for you could be massively important.” — @craig100m [0:37:01.4]

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