PMR# 168: Laird Hamilton and Gabby Reece Talk Relationships, Taking Risks, and The Importance of Being Uncomfortable

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This week we’re talking with Laird Hamilton and Gabriel Reece, two of the most high functioning, successful and driven people we have ever met, about their lives together and how they work to establish a lifestyle, routine and community centered around happiness and health. They’re professional athletes. Laird is basically the king of surfing and Gabby is a former professional volleyball player, they’re both business owners and between them, they have their own documentaries, podcasts, books and more.

They run and host a fitness, wellness and recovery program called XPT where they travel to different locales and spend three days eating, surfing, meditating and working out with other likeminded folks. We had a chance to attend one of these experiences last summer—it was an absolutely singular inspiring experience that still informs the choices we make every day. In this interview, we talk about XPT, we talk about their super food company, a new documentary about Laird’s life and we talk about the way they eat, work out and their relationship with each other and with other people in their community.

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On today’s show we discuss:

  • What exploration and performance training (XPT) is all about.
  • How Laird and Gabby find the balance between establishing a healthy routine while being able to adapt.
  • How life may seem effortless but it takes a lot of effort.
  • How values, priorities, meditation and having a hovering perspective helps Laird and Gabby maintain perspective on life.
  • Why it’s important to be appreciative in life.
  • How they incorporate family into XPT.
  • Future plans for XPT to evolve and grow.
  • Gabby’s Podcast, The Truth Barrel.
  • Their public life and the sometimes negative publicity that comes with that.
  • What is meant by one partner taking the masculine and the other the feminine.
  • Superfoods and products which are based on whole foods.
  • The Peruvian coffee bean that Laird also offers.
  • Laird and Gabby’s healthy eating habits.
  • The importance of not to putting a lot of stress around your diet.
  • Gabby’s NBC show called Strong.
  • How some people can be born with drive for life.
  • And much more!

“Some of the most profound things happen to be some of the simplest.” — @LairdLife [0:18:33.1]

“The more we can become connected to our intuitions and our instincts the better guided we’ll be.” — @LairdLife [0:36:12.1]

“Well you can’t voyeuristically get in shape. That’s the problem.” — @LairdLife [1:00:30.1]

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