Episode 165: All about the future of beef buying with Crowd Cow

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Crowd Cow is a pretty cool new company that is changing the way we purchase our meat by providing high quality beef in a convenient new format. They use an online system where you can put money on a cow, basically becoming a “steak-holder”, get it? You can purchase as much as you want without having to split a cow with someone else and then find a place to store it all. The grass fed beef comes from small, sustainable, and independent ranches and we can tell you personally that the quality is awesome. It’s delivered frozen straight to your door, in individual sous vide-ready vacuum packs.

The whole process makes getting the best quality beef, the exact cuts you want and the quantities, easier than ever. So we figured this company is something that Paleo listeners or anyone who appreciates a good steak would be interested in. Today we’re talking to Joe Heitzeberg, the CEO of the company, about how he came to the idea and we learn a bit more about the process, about the beef, and about some of the interesting challenges involved in running a company like this.

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On today’s show we discuss:

  • Crowd Cow and how the company works.
  • The niche market that Crowd Cow serves.
  • The types of beef cuts they provide and where they are sourced from.
  • The different seasonalities of beef cuts that are available.
  • The challenges that they encountered as they brought Crowd Cow to the public.
  • The importance of getting in front of the right customer base.
  • The relationship that Crowd Cow builds with its ranchers.
  • How the team at Crowd Cow built an online community to offer information and resources.

“Any cow standing in a field could be called grass fed.” — @jheitzeb @crowdcowusa [0:14:19.1]

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