PMR #164: Going off the Grid with Gary Collins of Primal Power Method

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You’ve heard of the term “going off the grid”, but how many of us have actually contemplated doing it? An even fewer numbers made the necessary steps, truly living off the grid, even temporarily. Gary Collins is one of those rare folks, and he joins us on the podcast today. Gary is the creator of the Primal Power Method, a way to help people make better decisions to improve their health and importantly, simplify their life. The idea of simplifying your life is a topic we touch on a lot in this interview.

Gary is a college professor, health and wellness consultant and public speaker. He has worked in Military Intelligence, the US State Department, the US Department of Health and Human Services, and the US Food and Drug Administration as a special agent. Gary has written books on his own unique take on being healthy, including his latest book, Going Off the Grid. This is a fun podcast and one we know you’re going to learn a lot from.

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On today’s show we discuss:

  • Gary’s company, Primal Power Method.
  • How Gary is teaching others to make life more enjoyable, easier and simpler.
  • How to value your time and be strategic with how much you give away fro free.
  • Gary’s definition of “deflected failure” and how it affects your success rate.
  • Gary’s book Going Off the Grid, and what it really means to live off the grid.
  • Why taking your time is essential for starting on the project of moving off the grid.
  • How Gary adventures around the country, and why he travels “by feel”.
  • Gary’s food and exercise regimen when he is traveling or at home.
  • Progressive steps you can take today to live more “off the grid.”
  • Why Gary believes that the only place to grow is when you are uncomfortable.
  • Why Gary’s purpose with his work is to attract people who are like-minded.

“There comes a point though where you only have so much time in the day.” — Gary Collins @PrimalMethod [0:10:34.1]

“You must take responsibility for yourself first.” — Gary Collins @PrimalMethod [0:11:21.1]

“Two things are eating at American’s fabric of intelligence; it’s social media and it’s stupid TV and their phones.” — Gary Collins @PrimalMethod [0:13:37.1]

“Rushing into an off the grid project is probably the worst possible thing you can do.” — Gary Collins @PrimalMethod [0:27:01.1]

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