Episode #158: Is Camel milk Paleo? Talking with Desert Farms

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Is Milk Paleo? Does it matter? Is milk good for you? For those of us willing to eat the flesh and guts of many animals, is it really that much of a stretch to consume dairy products too? These are questions that may be a source of a lot of debate. However, considering a pretty big theme in nutrition these days, even in our ancestral health and nutrition, is about personalizing your diet with foods that make you feel and perform your best, some of you may still be into milk or at least willing to explore your options.

On the podcast today we are talking with Walid from Desert Farms, a company that sells pasture raised grass fed camel products in the US such as milk, meat, and even skin care. He gives us the low down on why camel milk is different and in his opinion, superior to cow’s milk. He talks about how his camels are raised and we also get into the different ways that camel products can be used like in chocolate and beauty products. We also talk about hump fat, so definitely tune to learn all about it.

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On today’s show we discuss:

  • How Walid first had the idea to introduce Camel products to the US.
  • What makes camel milk different from cow’s milk and how they are inter-linked.
  • The difference between pasteurized and raw milk, and the fears that consumers face.
  • How hump fat will be their first meat line product.
  • The properties in camel milk that are helping people heal themselves.
  • What is to come for Desert Farms in the near future.

“For everyone that basically has missed their dairy, their real milk, this is a perfect alternative for them.” — @WalidAbdulWahb [0:14:43.1]

“Supplementing camel’s milk on a Paleo or elimination diet helps significantly with people with autoimmunity..” — @WalidAbdulWahb [0:18:02.1]

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