PMR #153: Talking technology addiction and wireless radiation with Alison Main

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The internet is often seen as the cause of and solution to all of life’s problems. Wi-Fi is basically everywhere these days and it is pretty convenient. Most people think it’s a good thing, but wireless radiation can also be harmful, especially to young people and those who are sensitive to it. Educating ourselves about the pros and cons of our increasingly wireless world is critical, and today’s guest is going to help us with that.  Alison Main is a freelance writer who focuses on environmental health and illness, wireless radiation, electromagnetic safety, chemical safety, and technology addiction. She’s also a regular contributor to Paleo Magazine. In our chat today, Alison explains exactly what EMF and wireless radiation is and why it can be harmful. She talks about the sneaky ways it can show up in our lives and most importantly, she provides easy ways we can reduce our exposure to wireless radiation right away, while also easing off on that pesky technology addiction that many of us are guilty of. So it’s time to sit back, relax, power down, and listen to our chat with Alison Main.

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In our conversation we discuss:

  • How Alison came to study the issues around wireless tech.
  • What EMF is and how to know whether or not you are hyper sensitive to it.
  • Alison’s message in her article featured in Paleo Magazine.
  • Why children are more vulnerable to EMF sensitivities.
  • Simple tips to reduce wireless radiation in your home.
  • Why having Wi-Fi everywhere may not be such a good thing.
  • The baby steps you can take to reduce your overall EMF exposure.
  • The “safe” distance to stay from your phone.
  • Tips on how to find a balance between being paranoid or not being aware at all.

“No matter what device we’re talking about, distance is your friend.” — @amaindesign [0:23:13.0]

“Taking steps towards safe technology is the best thing that you can do to protect yourself.” —@amaindesign [0:27:57.0]

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