Paleo Radio Bites 65 – Steve Sashen: The Barefoot Maestro of Xero Shoes

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Steve Sashen has always been an energetic, athletic, and entrepreneurial guy. In high school he was an all-american sprinter, and while studying film in college, he did stand up comedy on the side. After graduating with his masters in film, he went on to develop word processing software for script-writers that became industry standard.

Steve stayed active throughout his life, trying things like circus acrobatics and competitive jump roping, but nothing really scratched his itch until he rediscovered his passion for running, and specifically sprinting. A friend introduced him to the world of Masters Track and Field, and for a time, he was having the time of his life.

Eventually, a string of devastating injuries forced Steve to pump the brakes, and while searching for a solution he found himself going on a completely bare foot run with the Boulder Colorado barefoot running club. As the miles ticked by, Steve explored the information his shoe-free feet provided, and in doing so, altered his gait and mechanics such that he didn’t even realize that he had run farther than he ever had in his life.

That very first barefoot run lit a spark that changed the course of Steve’s life forever and on today’s Paleo Radio Bite, we discuss how.

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